Reptile/Amphibian Work

Have you ever worked with reptiles and amphibians before?

Since the reserve specializes in herpetology, interactions with wildlife occur most frequently with reptiles and amphibians. Routine patrols taking place either day or night enable us to scan different parts of the reserve when looking for reptiles and amphibians in the area. When possible, specimen are captured for further analysis where data regarding their size, weight, species, (etc.) are recorded. Once data collection is completed, specimen are released back into the wild. Throughout this process, volunteers help in the measuring and weighing of the animals in addition to the recording of information in our database. Volunteers are also shown how to navigate an identification key, a crucial document necessary for accurately identifying the genus and species of an animal.

What makes Reptiles and Amphibians so special?? Learn more about their ecological significance and what you can do to help!

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