Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

*COVID QUESTION*—> Is Panthera Sanctuary currently receiving visitors?

Yes we are!! There are of course several things to consider before traveling to Peru:

  • You must have a negative Covid test issued within a 72-hour period of boarding your flight to Peru
  • All passengers entering Peru are required to complete an affidavit of health prior to boarding an international flight to Peru 
    • you can access the official form here
  • Newest Update: As of January 5th, Peru has issued a mandatory 14-day quarantine for those entering Peru. You are permitted to quarantine at your final destination, however, you must be able to reach this destination within a 24-hour period of entering the country

Please check with your Embassy to see what other regulations are required for returning back to your respective country

What Should I Pack?

Planning a trip to the South American can be difficult, especially for first time solo travelers. Depending on where you are in Peru, it can be burning hot in some places and freezing cold in other places just a few hours away! If you are confused as to what you should bring, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

Here is a comprehensive list of items you should consider packing to ensure that you are best prepared for your stay with us. Your comfort is important to us, and we want to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your time in the rainforest.

If you do find yourself limited in packing space, please know that toiletries, mosquito spray, sunscreen, and rain boots can found and purchased in the city upon arriving, prior to our departure downriver to the reserve.
If there are items you are thinking of bringing that aren’t listed, feel free to contact us with any questions you have!

How Can I Get Discounted Rates?

If you are looking for ways to save a bit of money during your trip to the reserve, there are a few options that allow you to visit for a discounted price. You are eligible for discounted rates if you meet at least ONE of the following criteria:

1) Signing up for more than 4 weeks

After 4 weeks, volunteers tend to get the hang of the jungle routine and become more efficient in performing daily tasks—this makes activities much easier to manage. As a result, weekly tariffs after the fourth week become reduced. If you wish to gain more skills and are ready to take on more responsibility at the reserve, consider signing up for one of our internship positions!

2) You are a Peruvian student and citizen

Since we are a Conservation Reserve and Volunteer Center based in Peru, we strive to provide the best opportunities for those interested in volunteering in environmental conservation on their home turf! Therefore, Peruvian citizens and students looking to get involved, take action, and make a difference in both their country as well as their community will be able to do so at a price less than those visiting internationally.

3) You have previously visited the reserve

We feel so lucky to have so many individuals asking us about returning to the reserve….so we want to reward our past volunteers for choosing to come back!

A discounted rate is a way for us to say THANK YOU 🙂

4) Signing up in a group of at least 3 or more

If you are thinking of volunteering with us and would like to benefit from a reduced price, consider bringing two (or more) friends along! Group trips not only minimize the stress of traveling alone, you also have comfort and the perfect occasion to share the experience of staying in the Amazon Rainforest with those you care about. Why not create memories together that will last a lifetime?

5) You have an internship with us

For individuals who are working alongside staff, learning valuable skills, and performing tasks unsupervised at certain times, internships will not be priced the same as volunteer fees. However, there is a 2-week training period (priced the same as volunteers) but maintain reduced tariffs following the end of the training period. Internship positions last for a minimum of 4 weeks.

What types of vaccinations do I need before coming to the sanctuary? Are any vaccinations mandatory?

We do not have mandatory vaccination requirements for volunteering at the reserve, however, 2 main vaccinations most people receive prior to their journey to Peru include yellow fever and malaria. The yellow fever vaccination is an injection, while the malaria protection is taken in the form of pills. Although we are not in an area infected with either of these illnesses, we would definitely recommend obtaining the yellow fever vaccination.

You DO NOT need to provide documentation for a yellow fever vaccination nor malaria pills to enter Peru. When most people visit their doctor, they are often told that they must have both to enter Peru. This is not true! However, if you are planning to visit other countries in South America, vaccine documentation may be required when entering those areas. *varies by country*. Either way, medical practitioners will highly suggest both vaccines in tropical areas where there is any potential risk either disease being transmitted.

Another vaccination we are often asked about is rabies. We are not particularly adamant about this vaccination because we don’t frequently interact with wildlife that can transmit the rabies virus. Nonetheless, many people like to get the rabies vaccine as an added protection.