Face of Stone

It’s truly a privilege to get up close and personal with one of the most prehistoric-looking yet astoundingly advanced creatures still roaming the planet.

Of the 4 possible caiman species inhabiting this area, the Spectacled Caiman (pictured here) is the one most commonly found. These caimans are frequently seen basking along the riverbank in the mornings or hunting at night. Interestingly, this juvenile caiman was hanging out in a seasonal swamp which completely fills with rainwater during this time of the year. Fortunately for us, the non-aggressiveness of this particular individual provided us the unique opportunity to study it in greater detail. Being placed into an artificial pool, we were able to observe and analyze its movement and behavior within an aquatic environment while also snagging a few cool underwater. Did you know that caimans are equipped with muscles surrounding their ear and nasal cavities that seal shut before submerging underwater?

Take part in our caiman monitoring studies and learn what mechanisms and adaptions have enabled these creatures to thrive on this planet for millions of years!

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