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Breathtaking Photography in the Amazon Rainforest

Meet Remi Vinas, a charismatic doctor and friend who stayed with us here at the reserve! Remi helped us tremendously, most notably for utilizing his medical expertise to effortlessly extract blood samples for analysis in our Caiman Project.

In addition to assisting us in conservation activities, he also spent his free time taking photos of wildlife on the reserve.

Always having a desire for nature and an unconditional love for wildlife, Remi sought to find a way to connect his passion to a meaningful initiative that could protect the earth and its critical biomes.

To achieve this objective, Remi made the decision to publish his nature photography photos along with numerous shots of Panthera Sanctuary’s flora and fauna.

Along with this launch he provided us an even greater gift…

Remi is directing ALL profits made from the photos taken here on the reserve to our Panthera Sanctuary!

We honestly cannot be more grateful!!

What does that mean?

When you purchase a photograph, you will also be supporting Panthera Sanctuary in our mission to continue fighting for the Amazon Rainforest.

Help us out, buy a photo and make a difference!

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