Field Station & Equipment

Main Hall

Here at Panthera Sanctuary, we are equipped with a research station for receiving staff & scientific teams.

We strive to achieve minimum impact on the reserve by creating  simple facilities using local materials for construction and natural aeration/ventilation strategies best adapted to tropical living

We also are maintaining a sustainable initiative through selective sorting of waste materials (organic from inorganic, composting methods, etc)

The main hall contains:

Sleeping Quarters

We understand the importance of researchers being able to successfully cohabite despite differing work schedules. In an effort to provide the best working conditions, sleep quarters are separated from the main area.  

This area also comes with running water, supporting collective washroom facilities (cold water only)

Rooms have bunk-bed sleeping arrangements, with unused beds transformed into lounging areas during periods of lower research visits for enhanced comfort

Private Room Options

Simple, isolated rooms available for those requiring more privacy