Typical Activities

Your participation in the amazing activities of the Reserve

Only your motivation and passion will allow you to head off on the adventure of a lifetime. To this end it is essential that you immerse yourself in our Reserve located in the heart of the Amazonian forest. In harmony with its omnipresent world vivid but discreet you will be genuinely amazed. To live with us in the Amazonian forest no particular training is needed. Motivation and environmental concern are the essential qualities required. All your skills and abilities will be helpful. You will develop both your manual and physical abilities on a daily basis and you will also stimulate your intellect, in particular your sense of observation, autonomy and community life.

Your activities

  • Trail maintenance and surveillance within the reserve
  • Monitoring and gathering observational information with view to establish an inventory on rainforet fauna.
  • Surveys of caiman specimen at night using flashlights - safely sitting in a boat-
  • Sustainable Development: ecological harvesting of fallen wood for constucting camp structures (boat, small buildings, solar dryer, table, etc)
  • Night-time hikes for herpetological surveys
  • Excursions for scientific purposes through the jungle (tracing, handling of animals, marking GPS coordinates and plotting them on satellite imaging software, etc)
  • Basic survival courses – learning how to adequately hydrate, feed, establish a camp, and orient yourself to minimize risks while being in the forest
  • Management plans for endangered species (such as the green anaconda, tapir, or black caiman)
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Growing and producing local organic fruit, vegetables, herbs, and other edibles to snack on or utilize in our meals (banana, papaya, tomatoes, lemongrass, ginger, etc)
What Would a Typical Week Look Like?

*The work week officially begins on Wednesday morning and ends Sunday afternoon*

Wednesday (mammal monitoring):
Our weeks start on a Wednesday after a Monday/Tuesday weekend. Participate in our mammal monitoring program, where we will go in search of anything and everything mammal. We’ve been lucky enough to spot monkeys, wild dogs, coatis and capybaras. Then, venture into the jungle by night in search of snakes and amphibians. We’re never too far away from a snake or two at Panthera, so this is the best way to see these creatures up-close and in their natural habitat.
Thursday (Caiman monitoring, permaculture):
The morning after herpetological monitoring is the perfect time for snake and amphibian identification. Sit around the table with an identification key and safely handle the snakes and frogs to identify them before returning them to the forest. We’ve found everything from boas to pit vipers, and we’re constantly finding new snakes! Then, work on our new permaculture project planting everything from chilis to coffee on the terraced land behind our swamp. If you stay at Panthera for long enough you’ll be able to watch everything grow and thrive, and see the progress of your work!
Friday (Agroforestry):
You will have the opportunity to work within our organic agroforest on Fridays, using your machete to clean your way through our fast-growing permaculture plot with fresh, tropical fruits. Take the time to learn to identify between cacao and copuazu, and enjoy the natural beauty our agroforest has to offer. Afterwards, you can enjoy the fruits of your labour, and pick some fresh produce for your next breakfast, or a delicious, sweet snack. Then, relax for lunch, play chess, read – it’s your time to chill after a busy morning. In the afternoon, we may propagate some plants in our newly-built viveros, or maintain the camp, building new things out of sustainably-sourced wood.
Saturday (Aguajal):
Trek for 5km through the jungle before reaching one of the aguajals behind Panthera. Explore the beauty of this unique ecosystem and
Sunday (game camera set-up):
Trek to find the perfect spot in the forest to set up our game cameras - usually by clay licks, aguajals, animal tracks or mammal corridors. Then, wait for two weeks to see what we will find.
Monday (Panthera to Puerto Maldonado):
Take time to relax on our Monday and Tuesday weekends in Puerto Maldonado – our nearest city a fourty-five minute boat ride from Panthera. Immerse yourself in local city culture, enjoy connecting with your family and friends, get to know your fellow volunteers with dinner and drinks and enjoy the nightlife that Puerto Maldonado has to offer.
Tuesday (Puerto Maldonado back to Panthera):
Catch the boat back to Panthera and spend the rest of the weekend relaxing, reading, swimming or playing games.
*Volunteers are not forced to return to town, as program fees cover all expenses on-site* 
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