Panthera Sanctuary strives to preserve the pristine Amazon Rainforest of Peru through the promotion of environmental awareness in the form of environmental education combined with hand-on field experience to passionate individuals across the globe.

Specific Reserve Objectives

  • Gradually expand the reserve to preserve critical rainforest from deforestation and the decline of vulnerable species
  • Reorganize and restore key zones previously deforested or degraded by human activity
  • Executing principles of sustainable development through a solar powered facility, rainwater harvesting, organic cultivation of fruit/vegetable/herb products used in our kitchen, assembling new structures using recycled materials and selective sorting of waste
  • Reintroduce some animals and create an up-to-date inventory of the flora/fauna living in the reserve.
  • Create an inventory of botanical species
  • Weaving sustainable modern practices into the fabric of local, cultural knowledge–using newly discovered evidence to create a sustainable entity while also respecting and preserving the ancient traditions of the area and its people
  • Using the unique biodiversity of the Amazon to promote and raise awareness among the locals
  • Provide for the needs of the center buying supplies from local producers (food and raw materials).