Prices and services

Why should you pay being a volunteer?

We are fully independent, we don’t receive any subsidies from the State or any other sources. We don’t ask for any financial contribution from our Peruvian partners. That is why volunteers have to finance the organization, accommodation, food and of course transportation during their stay.

Without the contribution from volunteers, we wouldn’t have the means to hire staff or even to ensure the maintenance of the reserve.

Where does your money go?



Rates vary depending on seasons!

Our price: Two week 850€ depending on the time of the year.

For specific rates contact us at: [email protected] .


The cost of the stay includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Food (3 meals a day)
  • Transport from the airport to the center upon arrival and departure
  • Assistance and monitoring on the spot

Not included

Expenses not being taken in charge:

  • Airline tickets – international and local-outings, transportation, restaurants, hotels outside our framework program in particular on weekends.
  • Costs arising in international transfers are at the volunteer's expense (they vary according to each organization, check with your bank).
  • Laundry service, personal expenses.
  • Travel insurance, which should include expatriate insurance, medical emergency expenses, cancellations, interruption of stay…providing a wide coverage, plus civil liability.
  • Visas
  • Vaccines
  • Outward and return journey to the reserve during your weekend outings


You will be housed with other volunteers in rustic bungalows conceived and adapted to life in full jungle: running water, electricity supply limited to a part of the day, collective use of toilet and washroom facilities (cold water only).

No single housing. You will have to share the premises with one or more eco volunteers, if possible of the same sex.


A local cook will prepare you breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals are mostly composed of meat or fish, rice, manioc, vegetables and seasonal fruit and local produce (mainly Peruvian cooking).

Purified water fountains at your disposal.

A small kitchen is at your disposal if you wish to prepare your own meals.

Work schedule

Monday to Friday

6am to 12am and 3pm to 5pm

Volunteers can stay over the week end if they wish to.


Swimming is possible in the river near the reserve. Our tropical garden is available to relax. Weekends to Puerto Maldonado are optional and take place from Monday to Tuesday where you can find: hotels, restaurants, cyber cafes, stores, a local market, motorcycle taxis. It is a very typical town and we can give you tips and detailed instructions upon arrival. Should you choose to leave the reserve for town, a taxi boat will be arranged to pick you up from the reserve around 8AM and take you back the following day around 3pm at your expense. 


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