The Island

Small pool, home to tadpoles and small fish

This month we explored a small island located in front of Panthera. We did not expect to find very much evidence of wildlife since the island is quite isolated. The east part of the island was armed with spiny palm trees and vines, while the west side was more representative of the primary rainforest we have back at Panthera. It was amazing to see the surmounting evidence of life on this small portion of land! Footprints of Capybara, agouti, armadillo, caimans, and even a jaguar were observed on the beach and forest floor. The extremely low river level exposed a large segment of the river bed, extending the beach of the island. The side of the island with the largest beach reveals pool of water filled with tadpoles, and capybara trails, aw well as wide spaces of dry, cracked earth. These sandy surfaces looked closer to the desert than rainforest.

Dry Riverbed 

Beep Beep! Capybara foot traffic! The mud provides a great way for us to track wildlife before it dries.

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