22 October 2018

Upgraded Plant Nursery







After being so wrapped up on wildlife monitoring and long expeditions in the forest, we realized that one small area on the reserve received little attention; our plant nursery. After being battered around by falling branches, insect herbivory, and deteriorating infrastructure from termites, we decided it was time to redesign and renovate the area. During this process, all plants were transplanted to another location, weeds were uprooted, a new structure was built, and fresh, fertile black earth replaced the old hardened soil. Raised soil beds were made to allow for better drainage

All support structures we utilized were gathered from strong, natural plant material already existing on the main site. The sides of the garden bed were made and assembled using wood of a cecropia tree, a type of fast growing tree highly abundant in disturbed (secondary) rainforest. We used Ubos, or the Hog Plum Tree for posts of the nursery. If you cut a branch from a mature Ubos and plant it into the ground, it will grow its own root structure and develop into its own tree. In this manner, we can use a durable wood structure without killing the tree.
Lastly, a green permeable mesh was placed as the “roof” of the plant nursery. This special type of screen enables sufficient sunlight and rain to be accessed by plants while also protecting them from direct exposure to harsher environmental conditions, factors that can harm the development of these small, fragile plants.

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