High terrace (highland) rainforest

Since September, our efforts to find high terrace rainforest had proven to be quite complex. The difficulty of navigating through the aguajal behind Lake 2 took up large amounts of time and forced us to retreat various times back to Panthera due to limited daylight hours. However, we decided to set up a campsite and spend the night at Lake 2 so we could extend our length of expedition time. After spending a couple hours crossing a kilometer of flooded aguajal, we finally reached dry land which was immediately followed by a steep incline. This 20-25 meter incline indicated the apparent change in elevation from the aguajal to the crest of the high terrace rainforest. This forest contained different species of plants than those in lowland, a strong smell of animal life accompanied by numerous amounts of their trails, and permanent water sources. These quiet streams and small pools of water trickling down the hill were cold, clean, and crisp. Our goal for the future is to camp in this high terrace rainforest so we may explore more of the area. We hope to find both flora and fauna residing exclusively in high terrace, as well as more permanent water sources.


Alexandra Lopez



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