Herpetological Monitoring and the Discovery of an Abandoned Gold-mining Site


As the frequency of rain increased, so did our chances of finding frogs and snakes. We were able to spot and catch at least 1 snake each during our snake and frog monitoring. A variety of frogs were also collected, due to the many pools of water created by the rain where these amphibians chose to congregate. Since our monitoring takes place at night, we put any snakes or frogs we found in their own enclosures and identify them the next day. We use an identification key to figure out the exact species of an animal while also teaching volunteers how to use it.

On an excursion through the forest, we decided to take one of our less explored paths. This day we unexpectedly came across an abandoned gold mining site. The site is of particular interest to us because gold mining is illegal unless it is done on land that has received authorization. We took pictures of the gold mined area and searched for other places where more mined areas could be. We were unable to find any others.

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