Game Camera footage of Giant River Otters

Giant River Otters at Lake 2

With the fluctuating water level of the second lake, we were able to bypass the fallen tree trunk and explore the right channel. On this side of the lake we were very fortunate to find an area of dry land along the bank containing the excrement of giant river otters, thus indicating their presence at the lake. Giant river otters are endangered and exist in small numbers outside protected reserves. Later in the month a game camera was installed on this exact spot where both image and video footage of a group of 7-8 Giant River Otters were obtained. Furthermore, satellite imaging reveals that this site is connected to high terrace rainforest. In the near future we hope to find a way to access this high terrace rainforest since this type of terrain is known to have a biodiversity much different than that of the lowland rainforest.

Alexandra Lopez

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