Coffee Party




Top right: raw bean after extraction and drying process

Top left: toasting raw beans in pan (notice bean color changes)

Bottom right: toasted beans put through coffee grinder

Bottom left: ground coffee from the toasted beans

*For coffee plant images, refer to January Blog


This month was an explosion in coffee production! In order to harvest the coffee, volunteers helped pick the ripe red coffee cherries from the trees. After all the fruit was collected, it was dumped into a large bucket of shallow water where it sat for 24 hours. Since the coffee bean is the seed of the fruit, we must extract it from its encasing. Soaking the fruits in water softens the flesh, allowing the seed removal process to be quicker and more efficient. After all the beans were isolated, they were set out on a flat surface and left in the sun. During the course of a few days, the drying process of the beans was routinely checked on by the volunteers. Once the beans had completely dried, they were brought inside. They now were ready to be toasted over fire. While the beans were toasting, we explained how raw coffee beans are essentially both odorless and tasteless before they are cooked. Within ten minutes, the familiar aroma of coffee began to fill the room. When the beans had toasted, they were ground up and stored in an air-tight container. Those who participated in the activity were finally able to taste the coffee they had made from start to finish!

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