Boat Hauling to Lake 2


Volunteers taking a break from pulling the boat.

We have mentioned the significance of Lake 2’s biodiversity in one of our previous blogs. While a small boat was placed at the lake, its size could only hold two people. Our goal for this month was to pull out our larger boat from Lake 1 and transport it to Lake 2. Since the thickness of our path between the two lakes was pretty minimal, it would be pretty difficult to pull the boat. Volunteers worked countless hours to clean the trail just wide enough for the width of the boat to pass through. This was the time where most volunteers really acquired efficient and safe machete skills. Once the trail was cleaned, but hardest task began; the pulling of the boat. Weighing in at a minimum of five hundred kilograms, volunteers managed to pull the boat approximately two and a half kilometers on rugged terrain in a single day. We have never seen such dedication, strength, and focus on their faces that day. The larger boat was placed in the water, ready to be navigated at Lake 2.

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