Artificial Bullet Ant Nest


 In an attempt to study the nest structure and behavioral patterns of Bullet Ants, we constructed a hand-made glass terrarium that would be used as our official ant nest. After the glass case was assembled, it was filled by volunteers with buckets of various soil types. These different layers were deliberately added to mimic the composition of the forest floor. Next, we located a Bullet Ant nest within the forest and transferred the individuals from their original nest to the artificial one we had constructed. The Bullet Ants accepted their new home in the glass case and have constructed their intricate tunnels which we are fortunately able to view. We hope to construct an additional glass terrarium that will be connected to the artificial nest by a tube. The new terrarium will be used as a foraging ground for the ants. This would be a safer and easier way for us to feed them while also stimulating and maintaining their hunting instincts.

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