Our objectives



  • Gradually expand the reserve in order to preserve the forest from deforestation and depopulation of endangered species.
  • Put into practice the principle of sustainable development through the construction of a hydraulic generator, plantation of an organic kitchen, garden and orchard, as well as selective sorting of waste…
  • Reorganize and restore key zones, deforested or degraded by human activity. Protect and preserve virgin areas of forest.
  • Reintroduce some animals and create an inventory of the species living in the reserve. Drapeau du Pérou
  • Create an inventory of botanical species.
  • Apply the principle of reciprocity to the Amerindian and Westerner know-how. Combine modernity and tradition meeting the interests of both man and nature.
  • Promote and raise awareness among the local population of the richness of a unique biodiversity, as much as for its preservation as for their own advantage.
  • Provide for the needs of the center buying supplies from the locals (food and raw materials).
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