Meet the Team

Directors of the Reserve

Pierre-Julien Berthon

A self-taught man born in France, this keen arachnologist, herpetologist, and former eco-volunteer discovered the beauty of the Amazon over the course of various trips. After realizing the amount of information about the rainforest that was still unknown, waiting to be uncovered, Pierre decided to remain in Peru and dedicate his life to broadening his knowledge and research of the area. He runs the daily functions of the reserve.


Alexandra Lopez

Alexandra is originally from Southern California who joined the team in 2016. She spent 2 years studying Environmental Studies in the Social Sciences Sector at St. Olaf College before continuing her education at University of Massachussetts Amherst for an Sustainable Entrepreneurship degree. Her specialty lies in Agroforestry and Sustainable Food Production. She manages the reserve both on and off the field. 


Susan Velasque Ttupa

Susan is a fearless Peruvian local with years of experience in animal husbandry and handling all types of wildlife. With a degree in ecotourism, Susan has conducted a variety of animal surveys, cared for injured animals, and worked with other members in the community to promote conservation efforts in the area. Due to her extensive knowledge, volunteers complete a large portion of their activities under her supervision.





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