The reserve is located in the south east of Peru in the Madre de Dios region along the river of the same name. It is bordered by the famous local reserves of Tambopata and Bahuaja Sonene.  The interest of the reserve lies in the fact that it is situated in the world’s highest endemic biodiversity area, which makes every inch of the forest of inestimable value, mostly because of the presence of aguajales.



This region was a short time ago, one of the most preserved areas in South America, but since a road has been built, connecting it to the rest of the country, deforestation has doubled.
Considering this situation, we decided to fully commit ourselves to environmental protection.




It takes a 30 minutes flight from Cuzco (daily flights) to get to the nearest town of Puerto Maldonado.
We offer you this once-in-a lifetime opportunity to experience life on the outer reaches of civilization and science, in the depths of the forest.

Our reserve is made up of 90 % rainforest and flooded zones called aguajale*. It was formerly occupied by Native Americans. Bordered by Bolivia and Brazil, it is near native populations unharmed by the civilized world. More than an hour by boat is required to get to Maldonado.



Living in the rainforest is another way of life, requiring all senses and learning to open oneself to new horizons. It is best not to start with a preconceived idea, but to get acquainted with its own unique identity and local customs.



The climate in The Amazon is hot and humid. The mean temperature is 28, 30 degrees Celsius (82 to 86 Fahrenheit). The dry season runs from June to August, and from December to April there are heavy rains .Due to the proximity of the Andes, cold spells might arise for very short periods. If the fauna usually lies low during the dry season, it tends to wake up and be less discrete during the wet season.Drapeau du Pérou


Nearby places of interest for tourists:

  • National Reserve of Tambopata
  • Parrot’s cliff
  • Lago Sandoval
  • Lago Valencia
  • Monkey’s island
  • National Park of Manu
  • Cuzco, Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley at a 20 minutes flight
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